Welcome to the One Voice web page! One Voice is a student-led ministry that is about uniting Christian youth in San Diego to have ONE VOICE in Christ in order to bring glory to God and further His kingdom. By hosting interchurch and interschool youth rallies, worship nights, beach bonfires, and other events, we hope to connect students with other Christians and create a network of Christian youth that support one another in their faith journey. One Voice really stresses the need for God to be at the center of all that we do as the One Voice ministry was created out of the conviction to reignite a passion in our current generation of believers; without the power and sovereignty of God, we are unable to fulfill that mission. We sincerely hope that you would like to join us as we embark on a mission to further the kingdom of God! 

2nd Annual One Voice Youth Rally: An Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to the One Voice Youth Rally back in May! It was an awesome night full of worship, games, testimonies, food, and fellowship. We talked about accepting others by seeing them through God's eyes. Our three main points included 1. accept Christ [as your Lord and Savior], 2. accept yourself [as a child of God and a new creation], and 3. accept others [as God  first accepts and loves us]. Keep running the race and stay connected with one another! 

One Voice Updates:

New OVSL Team

One Voice welcomes 5 new leaders to our core team! They are Christine Chen, Eli Countryman, Patrick Johnson, Esther Lin, and Marisa Montesi. 

What are we listening to?

"This I believe" from Hillsong Worship's new album "No Other Name". Find out more about their album by clicking on the link!                 

One Voice Youth Rally 2014

See pictures and watch videos of how the 2014 youth rally unfolded!

What we're watching:


The theme for the One Voice Worship Night was "What is the Gospel?" As a high school and middle school ministry, we really wanted to equip students with the necessary tools and guidance to help them share their faith with their peers on campus. The student leaders here at One Voice really encourage you all to get involved in your youth groups and school Christian clubs-- you will be surprised what God will do! 

Check out this video to the left called "The Skinny on Evangelism" by the skit guys. To see more of their videos or to learn more about their ministry, please visit www.skitguys.com


"Just Stop and Think" by Francis Chan.

Is "normal" your goal? A 15 minute film that may change your life forever. The whole message of the Bible is not about this God who wants to take from you. It's about this God who wants to give to you.

A 15-minute film that started it all, "Stop & Think" with Francis Chan. See why hundreds of thousands of people from more than 30 countries worldwide are calling "Stop & Think" the perfect "media tract" for friends, co-workers, churches and organizations. Finally! A video that clearly explains the Good News of Jesus Christ in a "non religious" way.

-Taken from JustStopandThinkTV on youtube.com. Please visit:  http://www.juststopandthink.com for more information. 

Upcoming Events:

One Voice will be holding a small booth at the Chinese Mission Convention West Coast 2014 in San Diego. For more details about the conference, click here

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This I Believe (The Creed) [Live]
Hillsong Worship (No Other Name (Deluxe Edition) [Live])

^^Above is a picture from Hillsong Worship's photo shoot for the "No Other Name" album. It was shot in the New York Times Square and has an inspiring behind-the-scenes story. Check it out and see how God truly does have bigger plans for life's "mishaps."