One Voice Youth Rally

  1. What is the ONE VOICE YOUTH RALLY?

    The One Voice Youth Rally is an annual interschool and interchurch youth rally hosted by Westview High School's Christian Club in San Diego, CA. Our first youth rally was held at the Church at Rancho Bernardo on Friday, May 24, 2013. 

  2. How is it "more than just a youth rally"?

    The founders of One Voice desire youth to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ all the time, not only at youth rallies. Thus, we aim for our events to help students build Christ-centered relationships that last longer than one-time events. 

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Quick Facts

  1. How can I get involved in the One Voice ministry?

    Like our facebook page ( www.facebook.com/onevoicerally ), share this site with your friends, and spread the word about One Voice! 

    We are currently looking for student leaders (middle school, high school, or even college) in the San Diego area that have a heart for spreading the love of Christ around their school. These leaders will help the One Voice ministry plan, organize, and promote interschool and interchurch events. Please email [email protected] to directly contact us. 

  2. What does the One Voice ministry do?

    Student leaders come together to organize interschool and interchurch events. Our first youth rally was held at the Church at Rancho Bernardo on May 24 in San Diego. Other projected events include interschool/interchurch worship nights, beach bonfires, park days, and more! We aim to unite Christian youth around San Diego by breaking down cultural, age, and geographical barriars in order to become one in the body of Christ. 

  3. Beyond the current student leaders, is there any overseeing leadership or accountability?

    As of right now, One Voice is seeking to create an adult advisory/leadership board that is representative of different churches in San Diego. They will act as spiritual mentors and help guide student leaders. We hope to have biannual meetings in order to update or inform the adult advisory board of One Voice progress.


  4. Is One Voice affiliated with affiliated with any churches?

    One Voice is currently not directly affiliated with any one single church as this ministry did not stem from a church, but rather a high school Christian club. However, it does work with various Christian churches throughout San Diego as well as public high schools. 

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